What to Bring

Come Prepared

Weather in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable and can quickly change. Bring layers of clothing, including warm outerwear & rain-gear. Be prepared with fleece tops and bottoms, wool sweaters, wool socks, waterproof rain jackets, hats and mitts, hiking boots and fleece lined rubber boots. Please note that shopping on Galiano Island is extremely  limited.

Things to bring

  • Digital alarm clock (please don’t use use your cell phone) and a watch
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • recommended reading, if any
  • notebooks and pens 
  • clothing, layers for warmth, loose comfortable for sitting and exercise, rain gear and shoes 
  • toiletries, biodegradable soaps, mosquito repellant, sun screen, enough *personal items to last the full retreat 
  • towels, face cloth 
  • umbrella, sun hat, etc. 
  • any musical bells, bowls or drums appropriate for Wongkur 
  • Dana, (cash or cheque)
  • Mala (rosary)
  • Emergency Fund cash, just in case 
  • tent, sleeping bag, etc. (contact the registrar if you have questions about camping supplies required)


  • napkin with a ring (to save trees by not using paper napkins) 
  • hot water bottle (for cold nights) 
  • insulated travel mug and thermos 
  • slippers 
  • yoga mat 
  • sun shower 

Things NOT to bring or use in retreat

  • pets 
  • laptops
  • radios 
  • reading material (other than suggested materials by the teacher)
  • musical instruments 
  • cell phones

Use of cell phones and laptops will not be permitted during retreats:  These must be deposited with the retreat manager at the start of the retreat.

There will be a cell phone on the land for any emergencies that may arise. If anyone needs to contact you while you are in retreat there are a number of people on Galiano Island who can get a message to us on the retreat site. Emergency #’s will be provided to you prior to the retreat