Need Support?

Applications to the Practitioner Support Fund will be accepted by the Review Committee throughout the year and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Review Committee will make every effort to review applications on a regular basis to insure a timely response for each application received.  The Crystal Mountain Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for this allocation of funds.


Who is Eligible:

  • determined by the student’s financial and personal need

  • submit a written letter to the Review Committee outlining your circumstance and interest in the particular course for which you are applying

  • Recommendations will be requested from the Teacher

What the Fund will cover:

  • course fees and lodging costs only

  • It does not cover food, or Dana for the teacher

  • Applicants are encouraged to pay-what-they-can to increase the fund’s ability to support as many applicants as possible

  • Applicants are encouraged to repay the Fund where possible

How to apply:

  • Submit a letter of application to the Crystal Mountain Practitioner Fund Review Committee

  • Answer the questions located in the application form

The Practitioner Support Fund is made possible by generous donations from many beings.  In the event that we are unable to support your application we encourage you to:

  • Ask your family

  • Ask your friends

  • Ask your Dharma group

Please send your application to:
The Crystal Mountain Society by email:
If email is not possible please mail or hand deliver.

Download application form here>>