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Entering into retreat is a positive practice for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. With correct aspiration or intention, changes and transformation will naturally occur, building confidence in awakening. This happens most easily when you arrive without fixed ideas of what may or may not occur.

Retreat Guidelines

During the retreat, we ask all the participants to follow the five precepts and the Bodhisattva vow as their constant practice. These disciplines, which are common to all schools of Buddhism, are standard for meditation retreats and are to help support the development of fluid, easeful presence, coupled with bright interest and awareness. Read more>>

Retreat Facilities

The Crystal Mountain Study and Retreat Centre were established in 1980. The Centre is a rustic, forest-style retreat facility with simple amenities, located in a beautiful secluded valley at the north end of Galiano Island – a setting ideal for contemplative pursuits. Read more>>

Fees, Refund Policy & Practitioner Support Fund

The fees charged by Crystal Mountain cover expenses to provide the Teaching. This includes all the meals, services to provide the meals (propane, etc.) and sundry supplies to run the retreat centre for the month. The fees are not payment for the Teaching itself. Read more>>

Dana & Generosity

In keeping with traditional practice, the Teacher does not charge a fee for teaching but lives by Dana (the generosity of students). Dana is a Buddhist teaching about giving and receiving, about generosity and thankfulness, and the interdependence of all beings. Read more>>

What to bring

Weather in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable and can quickly change. Bring layers of clothing, including warm outerwear & rain-gear. Be prepared with fleece tops and bottoms, wool sweaters, wool socks, waterproof rain jackets, hats and mitts, hiking boots and fleece lined rubber boots. Please note that shopping on Galiano Island is extremely  limited. Read more>>

Travel Information

Arriving on time and getting settled before the teachings begin is a gesture of respect towards the Lama and the teachings we will receive, and is much appreciated. This allows for less disruptions to all retreatants once you are in retreat. Once again, as a gesture of respect, please make departure plans for the last day of retreat. Read more>>

Upcoming Retreats

"The quiet and the beauty of the land is the perfect place to slow down and go inward. It is rare to find places where one can take the time and be supported to do this work that benefits not only the meditator but no doubt the whole planet as well."
- Jane Mortifee