Authorized Teachers

Students of Lama Mark Webber who are authorized to teach.

Helen Foster is a meditation and dharma teacher who has practised for over 40 years, and has been given instruction to teach by her root teacher Lama Mark Webber. Her studies have been centred around the classical foundations of Buddhadharma, including deep retreats in Abhidhamma, Vajrayogini, Mahamudra, Ngon-dro and multiple other Vajarana practices of the Kama Kagyu lineage. She has studied with The Venerable Tensing Dorje Namgyal Rinpoche and more recently the Drikung Kagyu teachings of H. E. Lho Ontul Rinpoche.


She is currently co-chair of Crystal Mountain society. While living on Galiano Island, Helen worked as a weaver and fabric artist, studied Iyengar Yoga with Maureen Carruthers, practised as a breathing coach for home births.


While not on retreat or travelling (including studying 'Mahamudra in Motion" with Prapto in Java, 2008, Varjayogini in a Lamaruyu Monastery Ledakh 2005, and Tibet in 2010), she lives and gardens on Bowen Island with her partner, also a seasoned, life-long dharma practitioner.


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Susan has studied the Dharma and practiced meditation since 2003 with her teacher, Lama Mark Webber.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioural Science and brings her rich experiences working with people to her teachings of the Dharma.  She has had the rare and precious opportunity to be in retreat many times, sometimes for months at a time, studying and practicing all of the bodies of work of the Dharma that she has received.  Susan has been authorized to teach by Lama Mark Webber and looks forward to imparting all that she knows to all who want to hear!

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Susan teaches with the Kootenay Dharma Group on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Warfield, BC.  For more information: or

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Cheryl Fraser Ph.D has been studying Buddha Dharma for 20 years and teaching for 10. She studies and practices within the Tibetan Vajrayana and Theravada Vipassana schools and teaches in the Namgyal lineage tradition.  Her root teachers are the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche and Lama Mark Webber. She also studies with Ontul Rinpoche in the Drikung form and with Phillip Moffit from Spirit Rock.

Cheryl is a registered clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in couples. She writes the meditation and relationships column for Mindful magazine. In her writing and teaching she draws extensively from Western science and psychology, applying even the more complex teachings of Buddha Dharma and meditation to "real life."

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 Cheryl Fraser Island Dharma Crystal Mountain

Gisele Sabourin has been studying Buddha Dharma for over 40 years, starting with Namgyal Rinpoche, her root guru. For the last 16 years has been studying with Lama Mark Webber and been in retreat under his direction. She has also been fortunate in receiving many teachings and empowerments from the Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche, Garchen Rinpoche, Ayang Rinpoche, and most recently from Lho Ontul Rinpoche.

Gisele has been a member of Crystal Mountain Society for decades as a board member and supporting the activities of the organization including the running of summer retreats. Gisele has been leading sadhana practice sessions for several years. 

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