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Crystal Mountain Society is pleased to sponsor guest teacher H.E. Lho Ontul Rinpoche and guest teachers of the Namgyal lineage


Crystal Mountain Ontul Rinpoche


My very best wishes from the Gompa on Galiano Island. 

It is now officially confirmed that Drikung Lho Ontül Rinpoche will be teaching in Canada in September and October 2017. He is accompanied by his gifted son and translator, Lho Karma Ratna Rinpoche. Attached is a general itinerary for the East and West coasts of Canada. Drikung Lho Ontül Rinpoche is an illustrious teacher, a great yogi and holds many precious transmissions ( I pray that as many of my friends, dear students, Dharma practitioners and those new to the Teachings will be able to attend these most precious transmissions. More details forthcoming. 

With joy in the Dharma and auspicious opportunities, 

Lama Mark Webber (Lama Yongdu) 


Here is the entire schedule for teachings in Canada. Specific information about his teachings in British Columbia starts on September 9th. 

September 1, 2 & 3rd Toronto A weekend of 5 sessions starting Friday evening -Teaching weekend with Lho Rigdzin USA Pittsburgh community - open to all 

September 5 (Toronto) Open or rest day 

September 6 (Toronto) Meeting and or teachings with practitioners of the Namgyal Yangzab Buddhist Community of Canada 

September 7 (Toronto) Teaching or reading transmissions - 

September 9 to 12th (4 days - Vancouver/Burnaby) Teach at Pema Tamdrin Ling in Burnaby (near Vancouver) 

September 14 to 18th (4 days - Galiano Island) Crystal Mountain Society & Namgyal Choling Gompa

September 20 (Ottawa) Teachings in Ottawa - Crystal Staff 

September 21 (Ottawa) Teachings in Ottawa - Crystal Staff 

September 22 (Kinmount, Ontario) Travel to Dharma Centre of Canada (DCC) - possible teaching in the evening - start of a five week retreat 

September 22-October 3rd Teachings at the DCC - Ven. Ontül Rinpoche teaches for two weeks. 

October 3th Ven. Ontül Rinpoche finishes teachings at the DCC.

Please Contact: 

Tracy Sheridan for details regarding overall coordination of Ontül Rinpoche's visit to Canada: 647-233-5725, 

Tracy Van Dek for teachings at the Dharma Centre of Canada, Ontario: 866-266-0966 or 705-488-2704, 

Saskia Soeterik for details regarding teachings in Burnaby, British Columbia: 604-926-7398 , 

Gisele Sabourin for details regarding teachings on Galiano Island, BC: 604-401-1013,





Crystal Mountain provides a resplendent natural setting which facilitates personal unfoldment.  Lama Mark is a outstanding, skillful, compassionate teacher who has the remarkable ability to translate the essence of Buddhist teachings into wisdom that is relevant and applicable in today's world.  His teachings have helped me foster more generosity, abundance and ability to be of service. Cynthia Burski.

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